Friday, September 5, 2008

Superheroes UNITE -Tonight at Hastings - 9/5/08

Superhero party at Hastings!
Catch the Singing Superman, Spiderman, Batman and Wiggles the Fish
at Hastings in Richland, WA
6 to 8 pm
Fun for the entire family!
Feel free to come dressed as your favorite Superhero!
Or come as yourself - (that's super too) ---

The Singing Superman knows football :)

Tory up in the announcer's box for the Hanford High School Football game ... (9/4/08)
Go Flacons! PS: Tory uses his ultra cool voice for just about everything! :)
Yup - This guy has talent!!

Tumbleweed Music Festival - 2008

Tumbleweed Music Festival
West Stage - Songwriting Contest
5 pm / August 30, 2008
Qualifying song: "It's a Family Thing" by Tory Christensen
on stage: Kaleb Christensen (mandolin), Chris Christensen (guitar), Tory Christensen (bass)
3 generations (WOW)!!
Tumbleweed Music Festival
Howard Amon Park
August 30, 2008
Wiggle Like a Fish performance
2 pm - River Stage
--This was a great day to sing and wiggle at the park! The weather was perfect and so was the audience. Thanks for another fun show in Richland!