Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jamie Lee Thurston LIVE at the park ... 7/2/09

Kaleb, Jamie Lee Thurston and Lauren (after the concert at the park)
The Singing Superman - This time he gets to watch the show!! :)

Sound check at John Dam Plaza in Richland ....
The city of Richland offers a free concert at the John Dam Plaza every Thursday night during the summer. Often times, we are out doing a show or getting ready for one and miss the concerts at the park.
Today, we had time to enjoy the music and the show! It was HOT outside and we went to the park at 3:00 pm to make sure we could sit in the shade! We had our own little BBQ at the park and enjoyed the pre-show with the sound check - check -check-check!
The main performer was Jamie Lee Thurston and WOW could that guy play the guitar and sing. We enjoyed every moment! And were lucky to meet him in person after the concert.
It was such a nice night to just ENJOY the show and spend time together ...
We hope you are enjoying the summer and are taking time to spend time with the ones you love!
PS: Remember to wiggle, slither and have fun :) .... Happy 4th of July!

6/20/09 - Wiggle Like a Fish Show at John Dam Plaza in Richland, WA

Tory Christensen (The Singing Superman) and Jay Daffe

Wiggles the fish with a dancing "Wiggle" fan :) ...

Do what it takes ... Wiggle Like a Fish! You can hop like a rabbit or bark like a dog ...

We loved being part of Smoovies Movie night at the John Dam Plaza in Richland. Special thanks to all the families and children who came out to Wiggle, dance and sing with us! :)
WOW! To be so lucky to spend beautiful summer nights with movies and concerts under the stars! Thanks again ...