Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wiggle Like a Fish on New Year's Eve!

Catch Tory Christensen and Wiggles the Fish at First Night Tri-Cities 2009 ...
Here are the 'fishy' Details:
Wiggle show at 5:30 pm at Columbia Basin College Campus
Kid Zone (Gjerde Center)
** Age 5 and under are free.
Buttons are $10.00 each and are available at all Yoke's Stores and during the event.
Happy New Year!!!
PS: We're working on a new CD for 2009 - Yahoooooo!! :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"Feel Good Stew" on the radio!

Special thanks to the Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl show for playing "Feel Good Stew"

"...It’s time to make a drawing
It’s time to make a picture
It’s time to help your brother
It’s time to help your sister
It’s time to write a letter
It’s time to give a message
Isn’t it time to make some feel good stew?"

©Tory Christensen
Artwork by Jennie Stanfield

Superhero party at the Hard Back Cafe

Wiggles and a few Superheroes ...

Tory the Singing Superman with his Superhero family ...

Thanks to the great people at the Hard Back Cafe for hosting a Wiggle show! Extra thanks to the parents and kids that showed up to make it a SUPER night :)!!!

Remember: "If Superman can - YOU can too!"