Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Thank you Wiggle TEAM!!

The "Wiggle Like a Fish" CDs arrived today ... They turned out just the way we wanted.
I want to thank the team that helped make this possible -
Special thanks from Tory:

Jennie Stanfield - Illustrations – Her artwork makes the characters in the songs come alive.

Kami Cornwall - Web/Graphic Design – Her endless patience and willingness to help was exactly what was needed until everything was perfect.

Manuel Fernandez - Producer/Musician/Coach/Friend – His recording studio is the best kept secret in town. Manuel spent countless hours recording, playing and singing backup, coaching me to do it better, and producing my songs into music worthy of this CD.

Wendy L. Christensen - Publicist/PR (also my wife!) – I’ve been writing and singing songs for 25 years without any intention of ever going public. Wendy not only talked me into pursuing this venture, she made it all happen. Without her enthusiasm and leadership none of this would have been possible.

This is only the beginning ...

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